Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Teenager and Adult Material to Appear in Trial

Judge Rodney Melville ruled, on Friday, that the teenager who has accused Michael Jackson of molestation must face him in open court.

He dismissed prosecutors' calls for the 15 year old alleged victim, and his 14 year old brother, to testify behind closed doors.

However, he warned that he would not tolerate any intimidation of the children:

"Whether I keep an open courtroom will depend on what happens during their testimony..".

Additionally, Judge Melville ruled that the jury will be allowed to see the dozens of sexually explicit books and magazines seized from Neverland; also that the Martin Bashir documentary, "Living with Michael Jackson", would be shown.

Melville has banned the use of the terms "pornography, obscene or erotica" in front of the jury, ordering the prosecutors to refer to "books, magazines, adult material or sexually explicit" items; lest it prejudice the jury, one man's pornography is another's art.

Bashir will be made to come to court, to testify; despite his attempts to avoid appearing.

Jackson must be present in court for every day of his trial, as from Tuesday. However, Melville warned Jackson not to clutter the court up with members of his entourage.

The World Watches

Judge Rodney Melville has told the prosecution and defence teams, in the forthcoming Michael Jackson trial, to refrain from using grubby tactics.

He warned them that the eyes of the world are upon them, no mistake there, and that the reputation of the United States justice system was at stake.


"Now it seems this case has heated up a little.."

"There is a lot of pressure on everybody to have a case with such public scrutiny...I want to take a minute to remind you all that the world is watching justice in the United States, and I expect you will all carry the burden of showing the world what a fine system we have..".

The trial is expected to last around 6 months; if convicted, Jackson could go to jail for 3-20 years.

Santa Maria is already under siege from hundreds of journalists, from around the world.

My sympathies to the citizens of this town.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Jackson to Face 300 Jurors

Michael Jackson's trial starts this Monday.

Jackson, who will attend on Monday, will initially see the 300 prospective jurors being whittled down to the core jury.

It is estimated that the process of jury selection, alone, will take a month. The trial itself is estimated to take between 4-5 months.

Michael's Parents Interviewed

CBS "48 Hours" will show an interview with Michael Jackson's parents, on Saturday night at 10PM EST.

They will discuss his impending trial, and the problems that their daughter Janet went through after last year's Super Bowl.

Those of you who believe that the "cleavage" incident was not deliberately staged, seriously need to get a grip on reality.

Katherine, Jackson's mother, is said by Joe (her husband) not to be taking the trial well; quote:

"She's not doing well. She's taking it very, very hard. ... She's awake crying ... She's having problems with her heart...".

Katherine Jackson also tells the show that Michael blocks out the intense media coverage.

Joe Jackson then goes on to play the "race card", noting that Jackson was being targeted because he was black, all the
while sporting several huge diamonds on his wristwatch and rings. Quote:

"I'm going to cut to the chase on this: It's racism. It is. (My wife) Katherine's not going to say it, but it's racism.." .

Katherine tried to stop Joe from making that claim, and said her son's plight stemmed from something more complicated than simple racism.

"I'm not going to say what I think because it's more than that..".

The couple agreed that money was also a driving force in the case against their son.

I have to say, speaking from this side of the Atlantic, I don't see that race has any part to bear in this case.

What are your views?

Michael Jackson's Secret Childhood

VH1 will be showing "Michael Jackson's Secret Childhood" on January 29th at 9:00PM.

In this special, VH1 News explains how Jackson became the public figure that he is today. In "Michael Jackson's Secret Childhood" VH1 News examines the singer's upbringing; and discusses the abuse, work, ambition, and conflict between Jackson's religious upbringing and his growing fame.

The show will contain interviews with, amongst others; child actor Rodney Allen Rippey, Tatiana Thumbtzen, Jackson's co-star from "The Way you Make Me Feel" video and Teresa J. Gonsalves, a childhood pen pal.

Full details can be seen on Michael Jackson's Secret Childhood.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Five News Sign Up

Five News reports that they have signed Court TV's executive investigative reporter, Diane Dimond, to report live from the Michael Jackson trial.

Dimond has followed the Jackson case for more than 10 years, and her award-winning report first revealed the child molestation charges against Jackson going back to 1993.

Five News say that she will deliver live, up-to-the-minute reports of the case as events unfold throughout the duration of the case, aided by Five News senior correspondent Stuart Ramsay.

Dimond is also serving as an analyst for NBC's 'Today' show. Court TV vice-president of daytime Marle Dann considers Dimond an "expert" on the case.

Five News is produced by Sky News and transmits daily at 12pm, 5.30pm and 7pm with hourly evening updates.

Living With Michael Jackson

The prosecution, in the Michael Jackson trial, have asked that the jurors be shown the British television documentary "Living With Michael Jackson".

This show was first broadcast in February 2003, and is seen to be the trigger for the subsequent investigation and trial of Jackson.

The documentary, fronted by Martin Bashir, contained footage of Jackson holding hands with the child who has alleged that Jackson molested him. It also shows Jackson defending the idea of sleeping with young boys.

To view a very brief extract of the documentary, please visit "Living With Michael Jackson".

To view a report about the fallout from the documentary, visit post documentary fallout.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


The recent leaks of confidential information in the Michael Jackson case, are being investigated by the Santa Barbara sheriff's department.

The sheriff's office has posted a message on its website, denying that it had released confidential material to the media. It also stated that an investigation had been launched, to determine who might be responsible.

The leaking of the materials is being treated as a crime, as the materials are covered by Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville's gag order over the case.


"Recently there has been a noticeable increase in the release to the public of highly confidential transcripts, investigative reports, and documents about the Michael Jackson case...".

"We consider the release of these materials to be a violation of the law. Some media commentators have alleged that we are responsible for these leaks. We are not. These accusations are irresponsible, unfounded and untrue."

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Oliver Twist To The Rescue

Michael Jackson's friend, actor, Mark Lester has agreed to give evidence in defence of Jackson at the forthcoming child trial molestation trial.

Lester is best known for his role as Oliver Twist, in the hit 1960's movie musical Oliver. He became friends with Jackson 25 years ago, and is godfather to two of Jackson's children.

Lester is reported to have said:

"Michael is innocent. I could be called as a witness because of what I know. I saw things that could be helpful to his case. The allegations against him are complete and utter nonsense," the actor was quoted as saying....I would totally trust my children with him. He is their godfather, why shouldn't I..".

Erotic Materials

The prosecution team, in Michael Jackson's forthcoming trial, want to display "erotic materials" taken from Jackson's Neverland ranch.


"The people seek to introduce numerous ... books, videos and magazines seized on November 13, 2003 from the defendant's master bedroom suite at Neverland Valley Ranch, the video arcade and from a room adjoining the defendant's private office in a security building...".

"..The people also seek to admit three hard-cover books and two photographs seized from the defendant's Neverland Ranch by the Los Angeles Police Department in August, 1993..".

Needless to say, before people judge this too hastily, it is worth remembering that one man's pornography may be another's art.

Monday, January 24, 2005

New TV Documentary

British TV Channel 4 will be screening a documentary this Tuesday evening, entitled "Michael Jackson's Boys".

In it a Los Angeles policeman, Bill Dworin, will claim that Michael Jackson owned a book showing naked boys in erotic poses.

Dworin is reported to have said that he found the book in 1993, when police raided Jackson's Neverland Ranch home in Santa Barbara California.

Dworin is quoted as saying:

"In a locked filing cabinet was a book showing nude boys in nude poses. That's nothing illegal. But if it's a person who has this material who has a sexual interest in children, it becomes child erotica..".

Visit Channel 4 for more details.

Phone Sex Allegations

A British businessman is reportedly alleging that he had phone sex with Michael Jackson.

Terry George, 40, will appear at Jackson's trial; and tell the court that Jackson made reference to fondling himself during a telephone call.

It seems that George and Jackson became friends after Jackson's 1979 British tour.

George is quoted as saying:

"I can believe that the latest allegations are true because of what happened to me. It if it hadn't been for that phone call I would never have believed it was possible..But when I first heard the news I immediately felt part of it all. I'd only dared tell a handful of my closest friends because I thought nobody would believe me..."

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Jury Rules

20 jurors will be selected for the forthcoming Michael Jackson trial, 12 sitting and 8 in reserve.

Jackson will be present at the jury selection, and all subsequent court hearings.

750 potential jurors will appear before Judge Rodney Melville, to inform the court if they can serve on a trial that may last five months.

They will complete a 7 page questionnaire prepared by defence and prosecution teams, and edited by the judge.

The results will determine who will be eliminated by defence and prosecution. Those remaining in the jury pool, will be called back for further questioning on February 8.