Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands

The long wait, at least by media standards, for a verdict in the Michael Jackson trial is leading to tension on site between fans, protesters, residents, media and police.

The police are reportedly expecting a "highly emotional" reaction from fans, when the verdict is announced.

The verdict will be preceded by a one hour warning, which will give ample time for the ranks of those who maintain a daily vigil outside the courthouse to swell.

The police are going to draft in 200 extra officers, in order to ensure the throng does not descend into chaos.

As noted before, despite claiming to believe in Jackson's media image of love and peace, some Jackson fans seem to have a grudge against journalists for what they perceive to be unfair reporting of their hero.

In the spirit of freedom of speech, some have attempted to stop journalist broadcasting by sounding horns and chanting.

There are even reports of fans were putting out strips of spikes, designed to burst car tyres, on the roadside.

This seems to be in retaliation for the car that allegedly deliberately ran over tributes, that had been placed in the roadside verges by some fans.

I wonder what they would fill their lives with if Jackson had never existed?

Friday, June 10, 2005

Power Struggle

There still seems to be a power struggle going on behind the gates of Neverland, between the Jackson pr machine/entourage and Tom Mesereau as to who has the right to speak on his behalf.

Mesereau, quite rightly, is telling people to shut their mouths; whilst the jury ponder the guilt or innocence of Jackson.

He knows that a misplaced word or impression could tip the scales of justice the wrong way.

However, it seems that Raymone Bain (Jackson's spokesperson) still likes to give a daily briefing to press.

Jesse Jackson, normally never shy in putting himself forward, seems to have taken heed of Mesereau; he has reportedly left Neverland, and is out of touch, at a meeting somewhere in Chicago.

There is an old saying: "if you hire a dog, let it do the barking".

In other words, Jackson has paid Mesereau to act on his behalf; it is time that he let him do just that.

Hoax Suicide Mail

Be warned, there is a hoax email doing the rounds. It claims to have information regarding an alleged suicide attempt by Michael Jackson.

It is a fake.

If you get an email saying that Michael Jackson has committed suicide, do not open it. Delete the mail, and watch out for any other odd mails in your inbox today about Michael Jackson.

Some scum have decided to not only start an Internet hoax that Michael Jackson killed himself yesterday, but they are also littering that email with a malicious link.

The email is titled "Re: Suicidal Attempt" and the following message text: "Last night, while in his Neverland Ranch, Michael Jackson has made a suicidal attempt."

The email then asks computer users to click on a link that then takes them to a website. This website then installs code on computers, which can then open them up to hacking and corruption.


Beard Growing Competition

Those members of the media and fans who are becoming a tad bored and frustrated at waiting for the jury to reach a verdict, in the Michael Jackson trial, may care to participate in the rodeo being held in Santa Maria.

In addition to the rodeo, the town is also holding its centennial anniversary celebrations and the annual beard growing competition.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Jackson In Hospital Again

Michael Jackson was back in hospital again this morning, having routine treatment for back spasms. That at least is the reason according to his spokeswoman Raymone Bain.

Shut Up

As I have mooted already, the actions of "publicity shy" Jesse Jackson in telling the world Michael Jackson's thoughts have not been viewed as necessarily being in Michael Jackson's best interests.

Tom Mesereau have told the Reverend and also Raymone Bain, Michael Jackson's publicist, to shut up and stop talking about Jackson's health and hopes for acquittal.

Mesereau told the Jackson entourage to obey the judge, and keep quiet.

Raymone Bain has said that Jackson was idling away the time with his children, watching television and movies and taking calls from his lawyers.


"He is good spirits but as you all can imagine he is very nervous. He is confident in his innocence,".

Mesereau issued a statement saying that he had not authorised anyone to hold news conferences on Jackson's behalf.


"I have not authorised anyone to speak or hold any press conferences on behalf of Michael Jackson or his family...A gag order is in effect which the defence team will continue to honour."

Exactly, the best service that Jackson's entourage can their master is to shut up and wait for the jury to deliver their verdict.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Money Troubles

Michael Jackson's trial has weighed heavily on his purse strings.

Whatever the verdict, it is likely that his career will have taken a very large knock back.

It remains to be seen as to what he will do, if he is acquitted. As such the question is being raised, by those in the music industry, as to whether he will have to sell his share of the Beatles' music catalogue.

Jackson bought the publishing rights to the catalogue for about $48M in the 1980's.

The ownership of the songs is split between Jackson and Sony Corporation.

Owen Sloane, an entertainment lawyer who was involved in the original 1985 deal, is quoted in the media as saying:

"I've heard the rumors he's trying to raise cash and Sony probably would have the right of first refusal and would be first in line to buy if he chose to sell".

Accountant John Duross O'Bryan testified for the prosecution at Jackson's trial that Jackson has borrowed approximately $200M against his holdings, and not paid his share of Sony's continuing investment.

It is reported that these loans, first provided by Bank of America, were sold in the past month to Fortress Investment Group.

It seems that, if Jackson is acquitted, he will have to find ways to earn money. A serious rebranding exercise is needed, coupled with a dramatic change of lifestyle.

You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato

I have had an email from someone who, whilst enjoying the coverage of the trial, pointed out that defence is spelt with an "s".

It occurs to me that maybe there are many of you, in the USA, who have been reading this site and thinking that my spelling of defence and some other words was wrong.

I would just like to point out that I am not illiterate; for you see ladies and gentlemen, I am British and living in the UK.

The spelling is correct, if you are British.

We are two nations separated by the Atlantic, and by our common language.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Punch Up Almost Erupts At Jackson Trial

The tension, whilst waiting for the verdict in the Michael Jackson trial, appears to be getting to some of the more "excitable" Jackson fans.

There were about 200 fans, cordoned off by a fence, who hoisted signs and repeatedly yelled "Liar! Liar!" at the posse of international reporters gathered for the verdict.

At one point, fans and camera crews almost had a punch up when Joe Jackson appeared; he arrived under the mistaken belief that a verdict had been delivered.

In addition to the media, the fans also seem to be a "tad annoyed" at DA Tom Sneddon, who they refer to as a "snake" and a liar who "will go to hell."

I thought Jackson "preached" forgiveness and peace?

It seems that if the jury find Jackson guilty there may be some bother there.

Jesse Jackson Speaks

Reverend Jesse Jackson entered the media spotlight again, in an attempt to speak on behalf of Michael Jackson.

He said that Michael Jackson does not feel bitter towards Gavin Arvizo, but does feel betrayed by those who testified against him.

It seems, according to the Reverend, that Michael Jackson believes that he will be acquitted.


"He is convinced that he'll be acquitted if the jury uses reasonable doubt..He declares his innocence in the most private sessions."


"I think in some sense he feels betrayed by those he trusted the most, who now seek to destroy him..He's not embittered by it ... he does not speak toward them in embittered tones. He speaks of the unfairness of the sheriff."

Why is he annoyed at the Sheriff?

Reverend Jackson also criticised the search of Neverland. He referred to it as "a Waco-style invasion,".

Needless to say, great emphasis was made as to Jackson's back pain:

"You add to that the stress of this moment. And yet, through it all, he is enduring the pain with great strength and great focus,".

Blood Circulation

In scenes more reminiscent of a third rate Dracula movie, it appears that a "Heath Robinson" style blood circulation machine was delivered to Michael Jackson's Neverland on Saturday evening.

This bizarre contraption, which is not approved of by the FDA, squeezes the legs and allows the heart to rest for a few seconds.

It also seems that Jackson is now receiving vitamin nutrients and supplements.

Jackson was treated at a local hospital last Thursday, despite denials by some, after complaining of cold hands, dizziness, fatigue and flu-like symptoms. He received electrolytes through an IV.

Normal people would just eat and drink properly.

I am reminded of the last days of the Reich when Hitler was under the "care" of Dr Theodor Morell, who administered all manner of drugs potions and pills to the hypochondriac dictator.

Do I sound unsympathetic?

Sorry, I am afraid that I am.

This seems to me to be no more than a method of pulling at the heart strings of the jury and the public. Jackson is well capable of eating and drinking himself back to good health, if he chooses to do so.

Jackson Goes For The Sympathy Vote?

There are some commentators who are suggesting that Michael Jackson's recent flare up of "back pain", and consequent hospital visits, may have been timed to gain sympathy from the jury.

There are also reports that he as a had some form of "heath Robinson" blood machine delivered to Neverland over the weekend.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Jackson On Jackson

Jesse Jackson, the spiritual adviser to Michael Jackson, has stated that Michael Jackson is like the Biblical figure of Job.

Job was confronted with great misfortune, yet he kept his faith.

Jesse Jackson is quoted as saying:

"In many ways, his destiny, at least for a season, is in the jaws of the jury,".

Michael Jackson's Trial Is A Money Spinner

The trial of Michael Jackson, whilst a disaster for him and I suspect for some of those who have taken the stand, has had at least some positive effects on the town of Santa Maria.

The town has been swamped by the legions of fans and 2,000 journalists from around the world.

The media is being charged thousands of dollars per day by the local authorities, in an attempt to cover the costs of policing the trial.

Additionally, the locals have been making money; restaurants and hotels are fully booked, and those who live nearby are renting out their roof tops so that cameras can get a good view.

The question is, what will they all do when the trial ends?

Jackson Back In Hospital

Michael Jackson is back in hospital, suffering from back pain again.

It seems that the courtroom airconditioning is being blamed for exacerbating Jackson's health problems.

His publicist, Adean King, said:

"He is at the emergency room..His back fired up again."


"It's the same problem he's had throughout the trial, it's been bothering him all week...Since it's a slow day he decided to have it checked."

Jackson has had to be treated two to three times during the trial, for his back ailment, which he said began on March 10 when he fell after stepping out of the shower.

It is unlikely that his diet of mainly carrot and celery juice and vegetables is conducive to good health, as it lacks necessary protein and carbohydrates.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Jackson Jury

The jury in the Michael Jackson trial cannot be named.

However some information can be gleaned from the questionnaires filled in when they were selected.

The jury consists of seven whites, four Latinos and one Asian. Most of the jurors told lawyers that they enjoyed Jackson's music and were impressed by his career. They also said that they didn't trust what they heard in the media, and few had seen recent interviews with Jackson.

Juror 1 - White male, 62
He is a civil engineer with a graduate degree. He has been married for the last 13 years and has four grown children. He owns a home in Santa Maria.

Juror 2 - Latino male, 63
A retired school counsellor. He enjoys bronze casting, has a passion for Western art and is an avid horseman.

Juror 3 - White female, 53
She has been a horse trainer for 33 years and said she was a subject of inaccurate media coverage when she was an Olympic hopeful.

Juror 4 - White female, 52
She is a former computer programmer and systems analyst, who also used to be a high school maths teacher. She now says she is a homemaker with two teenage children, and is married to a university researcher.

Juror 5 - White female, 79
The oldest juror is a grandmother who has lived in Santa Maria all her life. A widow with some college education, she is also a movie buff and a fan of the TV show Jeopardy. She has a close relative who is a registered sex offender.

Juror 6 - White female, 22
A physical therapy aide who works in a nursing home. She is a mother with two daughters and lives with her boyfriend.

Juror 7 - White male, 21
A student with a high school degree who lives in Santa Maria. He is a wheelchair user. His father has served in the US Air Force. A keen motorsports fan, he dreams of becoming a sports journalist.

Juror 8 - White female, 42
This juror is a special needs educational aide. Her four children are aged four to 20 years old.

Juror 9 - Asian female, 39
An office specialist for the county government whose first language is Indonesian. She has been married to a local TV reporter for eight-and-a-half years but has no children.

Juror 10 - White female, 45
A supermarket worker who previously sold radio advertising. She has three children aged 14 to 26.

Juror 11 - Latino male, 20
Single with no children, and has a disabled mother. Says he is a Simpsons fan and doesn't really watch television news. Lists his job as an assistant head cashier.

Juror 12 - Latino female, 44
Social services supervisor for the last 12 years whose ex-husband is a Santa Maria police officer. Says she also has a friend who is a police detective. Her half-brother served in Vietnam.

Audio Feed of Verdict

Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville has decided to allow an audio feed to broadcast the reading of the verdict of the Michael Jackson trial in the courtroom, when it comes.

Jackson's Cell Is Ready

If Michael Jackson is found guilty of molestation, he will swapp his luxurious and gaudy Neverland Ranch for a cell in Corcoran Jail, 270km north of Los Angeles.

The cell comprises a narrow bed with a thin mattress, a toilet, basin and a desk.

Jackson's fellow inmates will include some of America's most notorious killers; cult leader Charles Manson, assassin Sirhan Sirhan who killed Robert Kennedy and a psychopath Juan Corona who murdered 25 people.

Corcoran is the only facility in California able to keep a celebrity, such as Jackson, safe.

A spokesman for the Corrections Department said

"He's obviously a person at risk.....Some people are targeted by other inmates because of their fame. They need this kind of protection."

In jail Jackson would wear a uniform of blue jeans, brown boots and blue shirt. He would not be allowed to wear his heavy layer of makeup. Therefore, for the first time in many years, both the public and Jackson himself would see what he truly looks like.

Jackson's day would begin at 6.30am when prisoners eat a breakfast of eggs, potatoes, coffee and orange juice; this is prepared without prison labour, to protect them from poisoning.

Jackson would be given a paper bag with his lunch, usually fruit and a sandwich. He would be allowed to go to his cell, attend classes, exercise or do a work program.

At 4.30pm, he would return for the prison count and an hour later would have dinner: a single piece of meat and two vegetables and juice.

Lights out at 9.30pm.