Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Michael Jackson's defence team have accused the mother of the child, allegedly molested by Michael Jackson, of lying.

Consequently she, known affectionately as Jane Doe, has been ordered to appear in yet another pretrial hearing.

Jane will take the witness stand in September. The original plan had been for her to submit written testimony. However, Jackson's legal team insisted that she appear in person; citing the fact that they believe that she lies under oath.

In other news, a Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputy testified that; during the November search of Neverland, he came across a tape recording of Jackson talking to a child on the phone.

Quite what the significance of this is remains to be seen.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Cash for Questions

It seems that money is a major factor in the background of the Michael Jackson case.

In testimony at the Santa Barbara court house, the stepfather (Mr Doe) of the boy accusing Michael Jackson of molestation admitted that he asked for payment from Jackson; for participation in a video interview, which was meant to restore Jackson's reputation.

Not wishing to leave any potential revenue source untapped, he also admitted to asking for money from a British journalist who was covering the Michael Jackson case.

Mr Doe also admitted that he felt that his family might have been held at Neverland under duress.

In another development, Judge Rodney Melville has agreed to let Michael Jackson file a request to make a public statement about the case.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Kiss and Tell

As if Michael Jackson hasn't got enough problems at the moment, it seems another one will be adding itself to his list.

It seems that Tatiana Thumbtzen, one of his former dancers, is hawking a "kiss and tell" story about an alleged tryst that she had with Michael Jackson.

It seems that rumours of the "relationship", with the dancer from "The Way You Make Me Feel", started after she was pictured kissing him in 1988.

Ever the master of hyperbole, Jackson said of her: "I love her because she's warm, caring and exciting."

Why do celebrities have to use the word "love" so much? In my view it totally debases the meaning of the word.

However, love in celebrity circles is as fleeting as dew on a summer's morning. Needless to say there was a "rift"; as we all know, "kiss and tell" follows rift in all celebrity relationships.

The rumours are that the account contains lots of "dirt". However, the rumours would say that wouldn't they?

No dirt no fee!

Sad world we live in.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Not All Honey and Roses in Neverland

It seems that even Michael Jackson, and his team, can't have it their own way all the time.

His case suffered a setback yesterday, when his lawyers failed to have the evidence seized during a raid on Neverland dismissed.

Jackson's team had asked Judge Rodney Melville to dismiss the evidence, on the basis that the search warrant was obtained by "malicious inaccuracies and omissions".

It seems that one of the "malicious inaccuracies", according to the defence team anyway, was the claim that Jackson's lackeys had spilled a urine sample from the child accusing Jackson of molestation; thus preventing it being analysed.

One of the omissions seems to be a psychologist's report, that noted Jackson did not fit the profile of a child molester.

However, all of this was to no avail. Judge Melville ruled that the evidence is admissible.

The defence are now compiling a list of specific items that they want dismissed from the evidence. This list must be submitted by tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Porky Pies

Oh dear, it seems that Michael Jackson may have been telling "porkies" (lies) in relation to his alleged "manhandling" by law enforcement officers last year.

An inquiry has concluded that the story was a fabrication. Jackson may now face charges for filing a false report, on top of those relating to child molestation.

The investigation took a staggering 2500 hours, and covered over 160 witnesses. I trust that if Jackson is charged with filing a false report, he is made to pay for the cost of this investigation!

Yesterday saw a family reunion. The entire Jackson clan turned up to Santa Barbara, to watch Michael's nemesis (Tom Sneddon) take the stand in a pre trial hearing.

For reasons best known to himself, Michael Jackson arrived in a double decker bus.

Reports indicate that white was the dress code of the day for the family; co-ordinated wardrobes are so important at these events, don't you think?

Tom Sneddon and Tom Mesereau (Jackson's defence attorney) were not the pleasant towards each other, a tad testy so reports indicate.

The circus continues.

Monday, August 16, 2004

The Circus is Back in Town

Today will see something of a media scrum in the town of Santa Barbara. Michael Jackson will be coming to town, to see his nemesis Tom Sneddon take the witness stand in a pre trial hearing.

In addition to Michael, various members of his family will turn up. Daddy Jackson Joe, his wife and some of Michael's brothers and sisters will also come to court.

It had been originally assumed that Michael would not appear in court, until his actual trial commences in January. However, it seems that the prospect of watching Sneddon being grilled was too tempting to resist.

Chris Pappas, the Santa Barbara police dept spokesman has reportedly said that they are ready for all contingencies.

My sympathies go to the people of Santa Barbara, who doubtless will feel that they are under siege today.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Punch Up

Tomorrow will see a splendid punch up between Michael Jackson's lawyer and Tom Sneddon (for the prosecution), as the latter takes the stand in a pre trial hearing.

Such is the popularity of this event, even Michael will be attending.