Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Expert Witness

Judge Rodney Melville has allowed an expert on child abuse to testify in Michael Jackson's upcoming trial for alleged molestation.

Jackson's attorney, Tom Mesereau, has resisted the need for expert testimony; his rationale being that the accuser and his family have a "sheer lack of credibility".

Judge Melville also said that he would summon 750 potential jurors to court over three days, beginning January 31, ahead of jury selection the following week. This process will take several weeks itself, therefore opening statements may not begin until March.

This trial is going to be a lengthy affair.

Judge Censors Supreme Court

Judge Rodney Melville, the judge in Michael Jackson's child abuse case, has blacked out the words "obscenity" "pornographic" and "sexual conduct" from the text of U.S. Supreme Court decisions released in a legal motion filed by Jackson's lawyers.

Jackosn's lawyers are seeking to expunge references to these words, during the trial, lest they prejudice the jury and play to their emotions.

The judge's actions were, in theory, designed to keep secret the purpose of the motion. However, the cited cases in the motion can be compared with the original text; and the blacked out words identified, viz:

The 1973 case of Miller vs California, the high court stated, "... no majority of the Court has at any given time been able to agree on a standard to determine what constitutes obscene, pornographic material."

Melville blacked out the words "obscene" and "pornographic."

The decision continued: "We now confine the permissible scope of such regulation of works which depict or describe sexual conduct."

Melville expunged the word, "sexual."

Whilst the reasoning behind the secrecy is well meant, it is clearly ineffective. The level of leaks, and this latest farcical attempt to hide the facts, are in fact causing more "chatter" speculation and "idle gossip" than full and open disclosure would ever do.

I cannot see that the cause of justice, from anyone's perspective, is being served here.

Views anyone?

Friday, January 21, 2005

Jackson To Make TV Statement

Michael Jackson has been given permission, by the judge in his forthcoming trial, to make a televised statement refuting the leaks of secret testimony given by his child molestation accuser.

Jackson has reportedly videotaped a statement, and an interview, with Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera; this may be broadcast ahead of the scheduled start of jury selection in his child sex case on January 31.

However, it is not yet clear as to whether Fox will broadcast it.

Victim Banned

The defence team in the Michael Jackson child molestation case want the use of the word "victim" expunged from the trial.

They want the accuser and his family to be referred to in court by their names, or as "complaining witnesses".

The defence also wants the district attorney barred from saying that he represents "the people in a manner that implies that he represents the jury against the defendant."

The motion will be considered at the January 28 hearing.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Bashir Declines Subpoena

Martin Bashir, the British journalist who profiled Michael Jackson in a TV special, has asked that the prosecution request for him to attend Jackson's trial be blocked.

The prosecution believe that Bashir is a material witness, who will support allegations that Jackson abused Gavin Arvizo.

However, Bashir argues that he is protected by California's shield law; this exempts journalists from testifying about what they see during the course of reporting.

ABC, who Bashir now works for, will also be resisting the prosecution request.

Bashir's motion will be heard on 28 January.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Secret Testimony

It is reported that the prosecution in the Michael Jackson child-molestation case, have asked that testimony from child witnesses be conducted in secret.

The motion, placed before Judge Rodney Melville, will be heard on 28 January.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Bringing Taste to Television

E! President and CEO, Ted Harbert, is quoted as saying:

"I'm a person who believes strongly that what we need to bring to television is some taste."

As part of their "taste" initiative, E! Entertainment Television and Sky Broadcasting are planning to do daily re-enactments of Michael Jackson's trial.

They plan to broadcast a weekday 30 minute programme about the trial, starting January 31.

Actors will portray all the major protagonists, and at weekends there will be a highlights show.

There's taste!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Rally at Neverland

Michael Jackson's fans are preparing to hold a rally/vigil outside of Neverland, on 30 January, one day before Jackson's trial starts.

However, it is reported that Jackson's advisers are a little worried about this.

They have reportedly requested the fans respectfully remember that this is a difficult time for Jackson, and that Neverland is his home.

Sunday, January 16, 2005


The defence team in the forthcoming Michael Jackson trail are reported to be preparing to destroy the credibility of Jackson's accuser.

They have subpoenaed employees of Neverland Valley Ranch; to paint a picture of Jackson's accuser as an unruly child, who is out of control.

The employees are expected to testify that the boy assaulted them verbally, broke into Jackson's wine cellar, and was caught with another boy masturbating in the singer's room while using porn magazines.

The defence believe that the accuser's mother attempted to extort money from Jackson, and failing, decided to accuse him of molestation.

TV Show

FOXNews Network will be showing At Large with Geraldo Riviera January 17, 2005 10pm and 1am Eastern time.

They will be looking at three legal cases in LA; Michael Jackson's upcoming trial, the Robert Blake trial and the trial of music producer Phil Spector.

Harvey Levin, creator and executive producer of "Celebrity Justice" joins Geraldo to talk about the trials.