Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Accident at Neverland

It is reported that a 15 year old adolescent has been injured at Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch.

The youth was riding an all-terrain vehicle, which did a somersault. He was taken to hospital by helicopter, and later pronounced to be in good condition.

Doubtless, lawyers will be all over this incident as well.

In other news, the women who is accusing Michael Jackson of molesting her son has given birth to her fourth child this week.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Barbie Doll's Pubic Hair

The net is a hotbed of intrigue, and gossip, surrounding the forthcoming Michael Jackson trial.

The latest story "doing the rounds", concerns allegations that Jackson has a large collection of Barbie dolls.

It seems that he has drawn pubic hair on each of them, using a sharp instrument.

Good grief, is nothing sacred!

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Home Alone

Now that the date of the trial of Michael Jackson has been put back to 31 January 2005, he has more time to dwell on the forthcoming stresses and strains involved in standing trial for alleged child molestation.

As with many celebrities, and indeed with many citizens of the Western world, when faced with a crisis; he sought comfort and succor in shopping, and went to a Houston mall on a spending spree.

However, instead of buying new clothes or home appliances and furnishings; Michael Jackson bought toys and stuffed animals.

Can anyone tell me why a 45 year old man, faced with charges that could destroy his life, would waste precious time buying collection of children's toys?

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Big Trial, Big Delay

Judge Rodney Melville, who is presiding over the pre trial hearings in the Michael Jackson child molestation case, has decided that the original trial date of 13 September which he himself set is far too soon.

In view of the evidence that needs to be examined, he has put the trial date back to 31 January 2005.

During yesterday's hearing, in which the judge postponed the trial; deputy District Attorney Gordon Auchincloss, for the prosecution, pointed out that Neverland was designed to "entice and attack children".

The allegations of false imprisonment, abuse and the plying of children with alcohol were robustly refuted by Thomas Mesereau; who demanded the dismissal of all of the charges.

At this rate, they will have worn themselves out long before the start of the trial.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Tick Tock

The clock is ticking in respect of the start of the trial of Michael Jackson, for alleged child molestation, scheduled to begin in September.

His defence team have recognised this, and on the 13th of July filed a motion requesting that the trial be delayed until early 2005.

The motion was, like much else connected with this trial, sealed; for reasons that are unclear.

However, it was released yesterday 24 hours before it was due to be heard; ie the hearing on it is scheduled for today.

As with other documents relating to the Michael Jackson trial, sections of it have been blacked out.

Today's hearing on the motion will see prosecutors oppose a lengthy delay to the start of the trial.

So let's split the difference, and start it in November.

Monday, July 26, 2004

A Right Old Mess

The issues surrounding the forthcoming trial of Michael Jackson become more complex, as each day passes.

It has been widely reported that the prosecution, the defence and the Judge in the case have been trying to maintain a "veil of secrecy" over the case. It seems that there are some interesting methods being employed, to ensure that the veil is not lifted.

I noted earlier on this site, that the Jackson team have asked for people to report to them any stories that are being posted on the internet about the case. Tom Sneddon, for the prosecution, also seems to have come up with a novel way of limiting the freedom of discussion.

It has been reported that Sneddon had addressed a conference of the National District Attorneys Association; saying that he had notified people that they were witnesses, in order to keep them from talking on TV.

Sneddon has reportedly responded, saying that his remarks were taken out of context; and that it would be "criminally dumb to say that".

I think that the key players in the case are in danger of distracting themselves, by worrying about gagging and veils, from the main issue, namely; is Michael Jackson innocent or Gulity?

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Norman No Date

Aside from the troubles that Michael Jackson is facing, in respect of his forthcoming trial for alleged child molestation, it seems that he also faces more mundane issues.

According to reports, he has been looking for a date to accompany him to an MTV event.

Unlike mere mortals, such as you or I, a celebrity doesn't just ask the person they would like to date; they get "their people" to ring the other person's "people".

In Jackson's case it was his people who rang Nicole Kidman's people, asking them to ask her if she would accompany him to the MTV Awards.

It is reported that, although very flattered, she declined. It seems that his past antics in Disneyland (something to do with a wig I understand) put her off.

I suggest that if you would like to accompany Michael to the MTV Awards, then drop him a line via his website.