Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Beware A Woman Scorned

Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson's ex-wife, gave her testimony at Jackson's trial yesterday.

She is the mother of Prince Michael and Paris.

However, there is a rumour circulating that Jackson is not the father and that Rowe acted as a surrogate and was artificially inseminated; not with Jackson's sperm.

Much like many others in this tawdry tale of money, sex and celebrity she has also appeared in a video.

The video praised Jackson, needless to say she is now claiming that the video was made under duress.

She claimed that she had known Jackson for 20 years before they married, she was a nurse to one of his plastic surgeons; so if your lonely, book a nose job, that's one way to meet girls I suppose.

She said:

"We never shared a home,".

Some might argue that is an ideal way to keep the marriage fresh!

Rowe admitted that she had lied in praising Jackson's parenting skills, she said she wanted to get back together with her children.

She said that Jackson had called her in early 2003, before the Bashir documentary was broadcast.


"He told me there was a video coming out and it was full of lies and would I help, and I said 'yes, as always',".

In Rowe's videotaped interview she praised Jackson as "a wonderful man", and a model parent.

She now says that her answers to some of the questions in that video, including those about his parenting, were dishonest.

Once she had agreed to make the video, she said that Jackson had agreed to allow her to see him and the children afterwards.

She said that she had made the video in the expectation that she would be "reintroduced to them and to be reacquainted with their dad".

She said of Jackson:

"He's my friend".

When they divorced Rowe signed away her parental rights entirely. She did this, so she claimed, because of the difficulties imposed by a custody agreement that limited her visits with the children to eight hours every 45 days.


"The visitations were not comfortable..We were hooked up at a hotel. When I would bring things to do, like fingerpaints or colouring, the nanny was always very concerned they would get dirty."

In my humble view, her reasoning as to why she gave up her rights is not logical.

Maybe money was a factor?

Surely not!

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