Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Friday, January 07, 2005

Gag Order Blown?

It seems that the gag order, imposed on the forthcoming Michael Jackson trial, has been blown apart by The Smoking Gun.

The website alleges that the prosecution have amassed a vast quantity of damning evidence against Jackson. This includes; porn, booze and eyewitness accounts of Jackson licking his accuser.

The site goes on to allege that the porn magazines were used to arouse Jackson's alleged victim.

Among the allegations on the website are:
  • Jackson masturbated a drunken minor

  • Jackson took the boy to Miami, and gave him red wine ("Jesus Juice") in a Diet Coke can

  • Jackson, and his team, allegedly tried to cover up giving a minor alcohol; by trying to lose the urine sample

  • A leather bag next to Jackson's bathroom sink, and a Samsonite briefcase near his bed, contained porn

  • Pornographic DVD's were also allegedly discovered at Neverland

  • The search of Jackson's bathroom allegedly uncovered a letter addressed to "Dear Apple Head"

  • Jackson allegedly gave children names such as "Doo Doo Head" and "Blowhole". He instructed them to say that they had been looking at the Simpsons, in the event that they were caught surfing the net for porn

  • He allegedly threatened the children that they should not to tell anyone about their encounters, even if a gun was held to their heads

  • The site also alleges that on a February 6 2003, on a plane trip back to California, the accuser's brother and mother both witnessed Jackson licking him

  • Jackson kept boys' underwear in a hamper

  • The site also alleges that former Jackson aide, Frank Tyson, told kids to keep quiet about leaving Neverland or "I could have your mother killed."
The truth or otherwise of these allegations will have to be decided by the jury in the trial, which will start on 31 January 2005. However, it is fair to assume that the judge, defence and prosecution will be pretty furious about the leak.

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