Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Friday, March 11, 2005

Jackson Trial Resumes

Once Michael Jackson had the good grace and common sense to turn up on Thursday, his trial resumed.

Funny how an arrest warrant, and the threat of losing $3M focuses the mind!

Gavin Arvizo took the stand again; he testified that he once saw Jackson naked, drank liquor and looked at sex magazines with him.

Gavin said that he and his brother, Star, were once on Jackson's bed at his Neverland ranch when Jackson came in naked.


"He just ran up there and got something and then went downstairs,"

His account differed from Star's, in as much as he made no mention of Jackson being aroused, and did not recall the singer saying anything.

He added:

"Me and my brother were kind of like 'Eww!' because we never saw a grown man naked before,".

Gavin alleged that Jackson showed him some sex magazines, from a briefcase belonging to an employee. He said Jackson made a statement deriding the employee for having the magazines, but that he and the pop star looked at them for 30 minutes to an hour.

Gavin said that he was given wine, rum, vodka and bourbon; Jackson said that the alcohol would "relax" him.

Gavin said that his mother became worried about staying at Neverland:

"She told me that she was afraid they were going to kill us and she wanted to leave,".

Gavin claimed that he told Jackson that drinking alcohol was not a good idea for someone with 1 kidney:

"I told him it was bad for me to drink alcohol and he said it was OK, nothing was going to happen."

Gavin said that he was afraid that the alcohol would show up in a medical:

"So I asked him (Jackson) what to do and he said, 'Doo-doo, just don't take the test,'" .

Gavin said that Jackson invited him to Miami, because he Gavin to be with him when he held a news conference to respond to the documentary.

Gavin went on to say that Jackson was initially reluctant to let his mother come along, but agreed when the boy said he might not be allowed to go otherwise.

He said that Jackson gave him wine in a Diet Coke can, saying it would help him relax:

"He told me if I had ever heard of Jesus juice. He told me, 'Like you know how Jesus drank wine? We call it Jesus juice,'..I drank a little bit of it and I told him it tasted ugly..He said he knew I was stressed out from all the media stuff going on and the Jesus juice would relax me."

He added:

"He told me not to tell anyone about the Jesus juice. He said that this is a symbol that we will be friends together,".

Gavin takes the stand again on Monday.

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